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Upper west MUSIGA:
Upper west MUSIGA:

Upper west MUSIGA:

'The music makes the music man survive' Samini Dagaati (Ghana's celebrated dancehall act)
I love music so much that I can be bathing and playing music on any device available. That moment when you sing so free with water running through your head down. Hope you get that feeling, right? 
So as I enjoy music, I wish musicians could benefit so well from a system that can empower them to do more. Some countries like UK and some other countries are benefiting from such systems responsible leadership has put in place. Even South Africa is a clear example we should proudly emulate.
Talents are in abundance but tactful and strategic ideas would better create that leverage for everyone. You would agree with me that aside singing by an artist, it takes packaging to be a star. It doesnt just take only management to make an artist an assert to society but the efforts of organisations. 
But that is not my main issue for writing this. I want us to appreciate how important it is to have good systems in place.
Assuming Patapaa didn't package his One Conner music with a dance how would that song have faired now?
See how people run quickly to even record such type of songs into the system.
I am writing to the MUSIGA secretary of the Upper West Region, Mr. Imoro Aya. Hope you are doing fine from your MUSIGA office in Wapaani area around the Ramabus filling Station. Hope all is good with you and your executives and your Elders and flour members of your able union?l
I believe by now you should be nearing receiving handing over notes from Dagmaa Isaac as he claimed he would do so this week.
Last week, as I encouraged the MUSIGA Chairman to resign, he said on radio Waa 92.1 FM's Wononoo Salifu, that he had resigned from the office since 12th February and was about to hand over this week.
In the studio he said he had a letter in his hand and Wononoo attested to that on the show.
Yes he showed prove of writing to the Union about his resignation and that leaves me wondering if you did your part as secretary to notify him within two weeks of requesting to resign. Did you respond?
I want to know if you did that because as a regional chairman, he would resign at his chapter where he is chairman which you should have communicated to him back his resignation request.
I also want to ask you if you have received the said letter and how did you treat it with your membership because as a union members must know about a whole Chairman's resignation. Just hope am right.
I actually asked about the MUSIGA office to be sure you still operate from there as it was rented for 6 years at a cost of GH 600 per year by the union funds. And its not 6 years since Dagmaa Isaac said it was rented for such a duration of purpose on a radio show and at the MUSIGA last elections. I am reliably informed the office is down over rent issues and you as secretary must clear these issue or tell as who the 'handing over' has empowered to speak to this issues.
I am left with no reason to not find out from you at this point as secretary to tell the state of MUSIGA now so that we can look into the handing over notes to compare to earlier statements so that my 'hatred' for him would end. If RTB (right to Information Bill) is good to cup corruption lets start from your union as well. Yeah. Am very serious.
Yes, he said I hate him so much and don't know what he has done to me but I don't hate him at all. I only have trust issues with him. I only seek for accountability and that's all.
In the beginning of your tenure as chairman he said all manner of things to cover a lot of rot and would have to be able to do same to prove the things he said earlier before so I wont be surprised he cant find his feet to hand over as he stated and I want you to tell me and your membership if his resignation letter was handed to you as secretary at all?
He said he copied the letter to media houses and only Sungmaale General Manager Asprila has confirmed the siad letter to MC Alaska on a Facebook post and am only waiting for a second media house to do same as the letter dates back to 12th February 2018 and how they probably published those stories if they by anyway did.
I write to also tell,  you are not helping matters as secretary of the union by the manner in which you communicate with your membership.
Communication is the fuel of any serious organisation, how more a union that has so much more to achieve for its members?
I also ask you as a Union what you would do if by the end of this week, he doesn't hand over?
Until I hear your response, I will be compelled to perceive you are not fit to hold yourself as secretary, as I warned you about what it takes to be a secretary. 
I hope you remember very well when you told me about your interest and I told you it wasn't about holding the post but being competent was what mattered.
If you as a union is able to hold yourselves accountable, you would agree with me that other stakeholders in the industry would be afraid to embezzle your funds any how.
Buying maize to members funerals is not your objective as a union.
Till then........
Digme Kantayir

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